Monday, August 24, 2009

Typical Maritime Weather

It has been stupid humid here the last couple of weeks, and there was no worse day than when we were waiting for Hurricane Bill. We got slammed a few years ago by Hurricane Juan (which we all completely dismissed), so this year the provinces collectively decided we'd take this seriously.

And naturally, it didn't hit at all. We had about 60mm of rain, winds about 65 km/hr - no big deal for us, although that's more normal for Autumn than Summer. There was only one real way you knew a hurricane and blown by - the surf.

Oh the surf.

It was magnificent. I love living on the ocean; it gets into your blood in ways I can't describe. For me, there is no better feeling than watching the power of nature manifested through the water. Smelling the salt in the air, getting drenched by spray, skin sandblasted by the wind...that's my happy place right there.

I wanted (foolishly) to go to Peggy's Cove, but the road was blocked off by both police (I can get around them!) and rocks - granite rocks - washed up on the shore. It was the latter that deterred me; sometimes nature saves us from ourselves.

However, a couple of hours after the storm had passed, my uncle took me to a locals-only spot near Peggy's Cove that I didn't even know existed. And was way better! Taller hills (the safer to watch from!), more shoals (bigger waves!), and beautiful green, moss covered hills. Blueberries everywhere, and bay plants all over the place. Gorgeous. A bit of a hike to get there, but I'll be back.

Speaking of back, tomorrow I am making my first batch of Chow for the season, with tomatoes fresh from Mom's garden. So tune in for that Maritime staple in the next couple of days. :)


  1. As a Maritimer now living inland and a long way from home, I can relate to this remark; I love living on the ocean; it gets into your blood in ways I can't describe.

    Enjoyed your photos very much!


  2. Ali, I'm glad you liked my pictures. It's hard being away from home, I know! When I lived away, I filled a pretty bottle with sand from the beach, and every time I felt homesick I would uncork the bottle and the scent would take me right back. Next time you're home give it a try. :)