Sunday, May 31, 2009

No Knead Bread

Ta da! My very first post! I've been reading food blogs for ages, so I figured I'd start wasting some time building one. Hopefully you'll waste some time with me. As always, I jumped on the hot topic wagon late, so I have only recently gotten around to making no knead bread, the recipe popularized by the NY Times. I'm always instinctively disdainful of trendy things, I dunno why. It's part of my perverse nature. Usually if I see something with a lot of hype, I roll my eyes and move on (unless I found it early on - that's a different story).

That's how I felt about No Knead Bread. "Pfft. Kneading bread isn't HARD people, stop being so damn lazy!" And then I got lazy myself, and decided to try it. And you know something? It is GOOD. It really lives up to the hype, and it IS really that easy to make. You just need time, that's all. Although there are a plethora of versions available on the web, I decided to go with the basic my first time around. I've posted the recipe and instructions below, so I'll just share some tips I learned along the way.